minos - planned litter

JCh. & Ch. YA-BA-RA Abena "Abi"


SE UCH FI UCH LP1 African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill "Minos"
JCh. & Ch. YA-BA-RA Abena - Abi!African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!
JCh. & Ch.  YA-BA-RA Abena - Abi!African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!
D.O.B. 27-03-2007   D.O.B. 01-06-2006
Colour: red wheaten   Colour: red wheaten
HD: A/A, without transitional vertebrae   HD: A/A
ED: 0/0   ED: 0/0
Height: 67 cm   Height: 70 cm
Weight: 34 kg   Weight: 48 kg
Teeth: Fullset - correct scissorbite   Teeth: Fullset - correct scissorbite
Planned litter: JCh. & Ch.  YA-BA-RA Abena - Abi & African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos
Unfortunately there were no puppies between Minos ♥ Abi. I am very sad because Abi is a wonderful bitch & Minos & Abi really, really liked each other!

♥Minos and Abi were mated 25, 26 and 27 of June, 2011. Crossing our fingers for puppies in end of August!♥

Abi is an elegant female with adequate body, strong bones and nice compact paws. She has an elegant female head with excellent expression and good set of ears, she has nice dry neck, straight and strong back with good lenght of chest. She also has good angulation and excellent full movement, which appreciate all judges on dog shows!

Abi has correct scissors bite, full set. She is healthy young female, without allergies or any other health problems. Her x-rays results are negative HD and ED A/A, 0/0.

Abi is carrier of livernose gene and has a friendly and balanced character.

Abi is very successfull on dog shows, she won DERBY WINNER 2008, she is Juniorchampion of Czech and Hungary, she is Champion of Slovakia, candidate for Champion of Czech, Croatia, Hungary and candidate for Interchampion!

Read more about Abi and and make inquiries for this litter at Kennel Ridgewells' homepage!