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S Ch, SvCh Rex Ventors Limited Edition "Lexi"


S Ch African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill "Minos"
Rex Ventors Limited Edition -Lexi!African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!
Rex Ventors Limited Edition -Lexi!African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!
Lexi and Minos!
Rex Ventors R-litter!
All 8 beauties!

Rex Ventors' R-litter
Minos and Lexi have been mated 4, 5, and 6 of May! The puppies arrived Friday morning, 4th of July!
8 little beauties, 5 boys and 3 girls! One girl has a cowlick, all the others with show ridge! No other faults! All boys have there testicels fully descended.
See pictures of the puppies - gallery - puppies, RV R-litter and all puppies have their own homepage!

Minos and Lexi
The combination of Minos and Lexi makes a line breeding back to one of Sweden's top RRs through all times, Australian import, Multi Champion Bearstar Diamond Willow "Demi". Breeder Veronica Thorén has chosen Minos as the sire for Lexi's first litter on account of his distinguished pedigree which includes many top quality dogs, who have also been top producers. The fact that Minos has a very friendly and level headed personality and a very balanced and appealing conformation, is of course a bonus!

From this combination we expect some superbly constucted puppies that hopefully will combine all the great characteristics of the ancestors, to produce very promising show prospects. Temperament wise, these pups should be friendly and outgoing, fairly workable with good tracking instincts and excellent family companions. The pups will naturally be raised in a home environment and will be accustomed to children, handling, adult dogs and social interaction in general.

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Breeder: Rex Ventors Kennel