minos - diary april 2010

Saturday-Sunday April 24th-25th, 2010
Some news about the Minos puppies in the show rings:
Daughter RV Rizla 2ond best bitch at Club Show Västerĺs! In Australia Ch RV Rare Edition 2 x BOB and in group win!! RV Rakel once more one place from the attractive CC, 3rd best bitch at Club Show in Stange! Biggest Congratulations to all owners and breeder Veronica Thorén!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Friday April 23rd, 2010
Minos girlfriend Connie z Tikovického vršku has now been inseminated! :) We keep our fingers crossed for a bunch of puppis in June! :)
Wednesday-Thursday April 21st-22ond, 2010
Minos breeder Karin Frostemo, Alva & Keba has paid us a visit in the cottage! :) We had a really, really nice time!! Thank you Karin!!!
African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill, Akeba A.Hunters Magmabona and African Hunters's Amazing Alva
Minos sunbathing on the deck!
Sunday April 18th, 2010
Our lovely Minos daughter Rex Ventors Rakel has been compeating at NKK Bergen Show. She became 3rd best bitch, one place from the attractive CC! :) Whey to go girl! Congratulations!

Have to share some pictures of Axel and Minos having a fun time!
Rex Ventors Rakel and Rex Ventors Tamika!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
African Hunters Amazing Baskervill!
Saturday April 17th, 2010
All the Amazing Nine - Kennel Ghalis "Great"-litter has now settled in their new homes! :) I'm really happy to hear that everything goes great!! Here comes some pictures of the small Asla x Minos puppies! :)
Ghali Great Dawn - Yeba!
Ghali Great Destiny - Doris!
Ghali Great Dream - Salma!
Ghali Great Duchess - Enzi!
Ghali Great Diamond - Duke!
Ghali Great Dawit - Akili!
Ghali Great Darius - Harley!
Ghali Great Dillon - Chimani!
Ghali Great Darky!
Sunday April 11th, 2010
Our Australian boy Aus Ch Rex Ventors Rare Edition aka Ruger became Australian Champion with a BOB win this morning!!!!!
Biggest, biggest CONGRATULATIONS to all Ruger owners Kerrie & Shane, Mick & Dale and Wendy! Also Congratulations breeder Veronica Thorén to her 42nd Rex Ventors Champion!
Rex Ventors Rare Edition - Ruger!
Friday April 9th, 2010
Today the "Amazing Nine" are 8 weeks old! And some of them are moving to their new homes! I wish all of you Amazing ones a safe journey to your new homes, and to your new owners I just want to say - Congratulations! :)

It's been a true pleasure to get to know Helene & Ulf at Kennel Ghali! Thank you for all your kindness and honesty!

Here comes the 7 weeks old standing and head shots taken by Fredrik Hansson and Jessica Persson! Enjoy!
Asla x Minos puppies 7 weeks - Mr Grey!
Asla x Minos puppies 7 weeks - Mr Grey!
Thursday April 8th, 2010
Another Minos puppy has been X-rayed with great results! HD A/A & ED 0/0!!! I'm really, really happy! :)
Biggest Congratulations owner Sofia and breeder Veronica!
Rex Ventors Ramses!
Sunday April 4th, 2010
Stockholm International Dog Show, Minos became BOS with CACIB today!!! I'm really, really proud over Minos who was like a dream to show!!
I even got some flashbacks to the magic day of summer 2008 when Minos became BISS at World Winner Specialty 2008, Rhodesian Ridgeback - Ĺrsta Slott, Stockholm!
Thank you ALL for all Congratulations in the ring, outside the ring, text messages, phone calls, emails, nice words on Facebook and in the Guestbook! I really appreciate it!! :)) Thank you again!

I'm also really happy that Minos brother African Hunter's Amazing Bolero - Wesley showed beautifully and became 3rd best champion male! He also got a lot of appreciation outside the ring today!! Sooo happy for you Liselott and Wes! :)

Last but not least Minos son Rex Ventors Ramses won the Intermediate class and then ended up 5th best male!!! :)) One place from the CC! Very well done Sofia and Ramses!! :)

Biggest Congratulations to BOB, new Swedish Champion and BIG-5 Rex Ventors Pilgrim "Pila" and handler/breeder Veronica Thorén and owner Ninna Bergman!
Stockholm International Dog show 2010- BOB and BOS
Stockholm International Dog show 2010 - Minos best male
Stockholm International Dog show 2010 - Minos and Annika
Stockholm International Dog show 2010 - Minos and Annika
Stockholm International Dog show 2010 - Minos and Annika
Stockholm International Dog show 2010 - Minos and Annika
Stockholm International Dog show 2010 - Minos and Wesley
Stockholm International Dog show 2010 - Rex Ventors Ramses
Stockholm International Dog show 2010 - Rex Ventors Ramses
Saturday April 3rd, 2010
Minos & I headed towards Sthlm Saturday afternoon and the water leek apartment. We didn't spend much time there instead we took a walk to best Jenny and Vimla! We had a looooovely evening with some wine, food, tears and laughter! Just as it should be in other words! Thank you Jenny just for being you!
Saturday April 1st, 2010
We would like to wish Happy Easter to all our friends!!!
Here comes some lovely pictures of the Amazing Nine that Malin Billberg has taken! Enjoy!
Asla x Minos puppies 7 weeks!
Asla x Minos puppies 7 weeks!