minos - diary march 2010

Saturday March 27th, 2010
I've found this picture of Aston and Minos on my computer and I just love it!!! Soon it's summer again and many nice days with your love ones! :)

Woke up today by a text message from Australia! Ruger did it again - BOB today! :)) I'm really proud! Instead a photo of Ruger here comes one of his 3 weeks old puppy!
Aston and Minos in Lunger!
Ruger x Doti puppy!
Wednesday March 24th, 2010
What a weekend! The whole family has been to Malmö this weekend! We have been visiting the Minos x Asla puppies and of course "The Ghali family"! Soooooo nice - as always!! Minos and I also took the opportunity to attend the Malmö International Dogshow. It didn't quite go our way this time, but I was not surprised since I knew that Minos probably wasn't her cup of tea! :) Instead we enjoyed the moment to meet RR-friends and some puppy buyers :) Really nice to meet you all!

While in Malmö, I've got a really great email from the Rex Ventors Rare Edition aka Ruger family! Instead of his father, Ruger defended the family honor and became BOB at their show in Australia! Biggest Congratulations from us, again!

I have a lot of new pictures of the Amazing Nine (from 4 weeks until 5 weeks)! For example the first head and standing pictures taken by Fredrik Hansson (Jessica Persson). Please have a look in the ghali litter - amazing nine gallery to see them all!
Amazing Nine and Axel!
Amazing Nine
Amazing Nine!
Asla x Minos puppies 5 weeks!
Thursday March 18th, 2010
Some pictures of the Amazing nine!
Mr Grey!
Amazing Nine!
Wednesday March 17th, 2010
Time flies! Weeks gone by and no updating! Shame on me!! The puppies are doing great and have developed a lot! I'm really looking forward seeing them live this weekend!

Home in Stockholm we have a water leak so Axel, I and Minos has moved out in the country house! We are having a great time! The weather is great and we take long walks on the winter roads out here! Perfect! :)

This Sunday it was Axels first birthday! We celebrated with a lot of cake, ballons, family and friends! :)
Axels birthday!
Minos sunbathing!
Minos sunbathing!
Minos sunbathing!
Minos sunbathing!
Minos sunbathing!
Minos sunbathing!
Monday March 8th, 2010
NEW Puppy Plans!! :)) Have a look in planned litter!
Planned litter!
Monday March 8th, 2010
New headshots of the Amazing Nine! Thank you Helene!!! :) See them all in Amazing nine - 3 weeks gallery!
Asla x Minos puppies 3 weeks days!
Wednesday March 3rd, 2010
Minos has become granddad!!! Biggest Congratulations mum Doti "Aust Ch Taiping Kisd Byan Angel" and dad Ruger "Rex Ventors Rare Edition" & Wendy at Taiping Rhodesian Ridgebacks! 3 Girls and 2 Boys! :)
Ruger x Doti puppies!