minos - diary september 2010

Monday September 27th, 2010
Minos & Asla puppies compeated this weekend and ended up BOB and BOS!!!! I'm really, really proud! Great work all of you!
Ghali Great Dillon ”Chimani” BOB with Honours prize & Ghali Great Dawn “Yeba” BOS with Honours prize!

Friday September 24th, 2010
Got some beautiful pictures of Minos "girlfriend" JCh. & Ch. YA-BA-RA Abena "Abi"! Love her head and owner Katkas growing belly! :)
JCh. & Ch.  YA-BA-RA Abena

Monday September 20th, 2010
Minos, I & Axel have spent a few days out in the country house! Quality time for all of us! I just love to be out there in the woods and Minos even more! We often take looong walks, bicyle trips, playing and/or laying in the sofa! :)
African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill and Axel!
African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill and Axel!

Some short "old" news about the Rex Ventors "puppies":

Stuning Rex Ventors Rare Edition aka Ruger became BIS and Best Headed Dog at RRCQ Open Show in Australia 19th of September!
Rex Ventors Ruger!
Rex Ventors Ruger!

Handsome Rex Ventors Ramses became best male with CC at Stockholm RR Club Specialty 4th of September!
Rex Ventors Ramses!

Minos daughter NUCH SEUCH Rex Ventors Rakel (now also Swedish Champion) became BOS with CACIB at NKK Int in Stavanger 12th of September!
Rex Ventors Rakel!
Wednesday September 10-12, 2010
Time flies when you got a dog, kid and working full time! At least for me...!

This weekend I took the train (alone... yes, you read it right, ALONE!) to Malmö to visit Helene & Ulf at Kennel Ghali & to visit the dog show at Råå (where some of the Minos x Asla puppies attended) & Sofiero! I had a great day!! Soo nice to meet the puppies, friends and have the chance to LOOK at the open and champion class males! ;) Thank you all for a great day & weekend! And Congratulations to all of you to your great results!
Ghali Great Dillon - Chimani!
Ghali Great Dillon - Chimani!
Ghali Great Darky!

Wednesday September 1st, 2010
I'm very proud to present Minos next girlfriend from Finland - Babe Candy Helya Ridge "Prada"!
If you are interested in this combination please feel free to contact Kaisa Kosonen at Vastakarva Ridgebacks or me at annika[at]consto.se.
Fi & Est & Lv CH, Est JCH TK1 Babe Candy Helya Ridge