minos - diary december 2011

Wednesday December 21st, 2011
Finally some time to sit infront of the computer without working :) Time flies and soon it's been a whole year again!

This year a lot has happened in our lives. Minos has had four wonderful litters that I'm very proud of!

We didn't go on that many exhibitions I thought, but still we managed five exhibitions in Sweden and two in Denmark. Although Minos surprisingly ended up on a 17th place on the Swedish "Guldhundslistan"!

Instead of the exhibitions we focused on, what we right now think is much more fun - obedience and blood tracking! I'm incredibly proud that Minos successfully has scooped both the title LP1 and Swedish blood tracking champion title this year! (Minos came in second place at the Swedish obedience list (!) and on a twenty-third place in the Swedish blood tracking list!)
We now look forward to another great year with new challenges! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, we wish you all!