minos - diary may 2011

Sunday May 29th, 2011
♥ I'm really happy to announce Minos new girlfriend SE VCH Akeba A.Hunters Magmabona "Keba" ♥!

This is really special to me since Minos now, hopefully, is going to be dad to his own breeder African Hunter's next litter!!

Keba is also really special to me since I have followed her very close from the day she arrived from the Czech Republic. She is a stunning girl both outside and inside. She has a fantastic step and a mentality to die for! Thank you Karin & Tord for this opportunity!

Read more about this combination on the planned litter page or at African Hunter's homepage!
SE VCH Akeba A.Hunters Magmabona & SE UCH FI UCH LP1 African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill - Minos!
Sunday May 29th, 2011
Really happy today since Minos and Asla puppies Ghali Great Dillon "Chimani", Ghali Great Darky and Ghali Great Duschess "Enzi" become new Swedish Fieldtracking Champions this weekend!!

On top Ghali Great Dawn "Yeba" and Ghali Great Dream "Salma" passed their aptitude test today! Biggest Congratulations to breeder Helene & Ulf and to owners to this Great Ghali's!
Ghali Great Duschess!
Ghali Great Darky!
Tuesday May 17th, 2011
♥Minos & Prada has now been mated! Puppies expected in end July!♥

See some more pictures from their date at Prada & Minos date page and read more about this combination on the planned litter page or at Vastakarva Ridgebacks homepage!
Minos & Prada!
Tuesday May 17th, 2011
Great news! YaMaya is confirmed in whelp ♥! If everything goes well we are expecting puppies in mid June!
Ultrasound Stubborn Manors YaMaya!
Monday May 16th, 2011
This weekend went I, Minos, Anna-Karin, Minos brother Aston and Minos breeder Karin with Alva and Keba to Årsunda for blood-/fieldtracking (and wine) weekend! :)

We had a great weekend and the first day Minos tracked super! He received much credit from the judge who thought he was an excellent tracking dog! We got two points cutbacks because he was too thorough to track :) Furthermore we crossed over a rather fresh bear track! It was fortunate that I am not so experienced that I noticed it then (but Minos did!) then I had not been able to concentrate properly ;)

After we come to the hoof and track was over, the judge showed me back to a bear track. Minos sniffed thoroughly at it and scratched it! I felt the traces of the bearclaws with my fingers! Both awesome and scary at the same time!

The other day it had rained all night and it was raining when we went track. Today tracked Minos even better than the day before! No bear tracks today, but just as accurate today as yesterday. Minos got full marks (42 points) and another first prize! I can not be more proud of King Minos! :) Thanks Karin and Anna-Karin for a great weekend in the woods! Let's do it again, apart from a few incidents that we avoid the next time, right? ;)

I also have to give my biggest Congratulations to Anna-Karin and Aston who became blood-/fieldtracking champion yesterday!!! Whooohooo! :)
SE VCH African Hunter's Amazing Bilbo!