minos - diary february 2011

Monday February 28th, 2011
Great news from the CZ! Loren is confirmed in whelp ♥! If everything goes well we are expecting puppies in april!
Minos & Loren!
Wednesday February 23rd, 2011
I have "stolen/borrowed" some pictures of the Minos ♥ Alsa puppies (Amazing Nine)! The 12th of February they turned 1 year old! :) Time flies!
Ghali Great Dawit - Akili!
Ghali Great Dillon - Chimani!
Ghali Great Darky!
Ghali Great Destiny - Doris!
Ghali Great Diamond - Duke!
Ghali Great Duchess - Enzi!
Ghali Great Darius - Harley!
Ghali Great Dream - Salma!
Ghali Great Dawn - Yeba!
Sunday February 13th, 2011
We have been competing in obedience for our second time ever! We started this season off by taking a 2ond prize, with 155 points! I'm really proud of my Minos! It was really cold and today I think that he left his ears at home... ;) He didn't quite hear what I said, but when he finally did - he did an excellent job! :) Sweetheart Minos was also about to take a lap or two for fun in the indoor menage... When he found out that it was sand under his paws!! I didn't quite enjoy it as much as he did! ;)

Lydnadsprov Klass I - Örebro Brukshundsklubb - Judge: Ulf Järnestål
  Betyg Koeff Poäng  
Platsliggning 8 3 24 långsamt ned
Tandvisning/tilgänglighet 9 1 9  
Linförighet 6,5 4 26 Snett och sakta sättande, drar i kopplet, nosar, saktar efter, stel arm på föraren - vänster arm
Läggande 8 2 16 Sakta ned
Inkallande 6 3 18 Dubbelkommando, sakta sättande
Ställande 10 3 30 Mycket bra!
Apportering 6 1 6 För in apporten
Hopp över hinder 9 2 18 Tveksam start
Helhetsintryck 8 1 8  
SUMMA 155   2a pris 6e placering
SE UCH FI UCH African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill
Sunday February 13th, 2011
Minos & Iving has now been mated! Puppies expected in mid of April! ♥
See some more pictures from their date at Iving & Minos pictures!!! And read more about this combination on the planned litter page or at Amarachi Ridgebacks homepage!
Thank you Ulrika for letting Minos meet Iving!
Iving & Minos!
Monday February 7th, 2011
I proudly present Minos new girlfriend
♥♥ C.I.B NORD UCH SE V-09 Rex Ventors Iving! ♥♥

Read more about this combination on the planned litter page or at Amarachi Ridgebacks homepage!
SE UCH FI UCH African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill & C.I.B NORD UCH SE V-09 Rex Ventors Iving
Sunday February 6th, 2011
Keep your eyes open for some more exciting news - soon! ;)
Saturday February 5th, 2011
It's been a very, very bissy week. But Minos is having his time of his life! :) First date with Loren, then a week with best Vimla, swimming and some obediencetraining. And this Saturday Minos upcoming girlfriend Prada from Finland paid us a visit together with "mum" Kaisa and Marianne! Thank you for a GREAT day girls! But I'm sorry I couldn't walk that fast and the cough... :(

Some pictures from our day Prada & Minos pictures!!
African Hunter's Amazing Baskervill & Babe Candy Helya Ridge