minos - diary october 2011

Thursday October 13th, 2011
In our life, it happens not so much more than the everyday stresses of life. Minos seems to enjoy life in the dog daycare center and we have managed to do some blood tracks in this the early autumn. Minos all the puppies around the world, are growing and exploring the world in all possible ways, which makes me very happy! I receive many emails and photos of them, but I'm not quite having the time to update the website about everything that happens, sorry for that! Anyway, I wanted to a thank you all for all the nice emails, sms and FB posts!

I've got this lovely ad made by Snezka Bracun of Minos and Magics upcoming litter! Thank you Melanie and Snezka!
Pictures of Minos taken by Karin Frostemo and Jenny Jurnelius.

Ad Minos and Magic!